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Brian McArdle & Wry Toast: Music

The Door Was Always Open

(Shaza Leigh covering a Brian McArdle and Luke Liddy song)
"The Door Was Always Open" was written by Brian McArdle and Luke Liddy. The song was cut by award winning Australian artist Shaza Leigh on her new CD, "Strength Within", on the LBS Music Label.
The song is in keeping with the true spirit of the Christmas season.
I remember back one day when I was just a kid
Dad came through the front door with a stranger by his side
And he said, “This man is hungry and he needs a place to rest”
The main street drunkard was our houseguest for the night
Mama never even blinked and eye
And that old welcome mat never told a lie … Cause

The door was always open at our house
Not a soul was ever turned away
There was a pillow for every head
Our kitchen kept the whole town fed
Mama and Daddy they always said
“That’s what life’s about”
So the door was always open at our house

We came home from Grandma’s house one Sunday afternoon
And wrapped up on our front porch was a little baby girl
A note beside her said, “Her name is Maryanne
You’re the only chance she has to make it in this world”
Mama had three children of her own
But she just smiled and said, “This child just found a home” … Cause


We were all with daddy on the day he passed away
When he got up to heaven I know he heard the good Lord say

Final Chorus
“The door is always open at our house
Not a soul is ever turned away
There’s a pillow for every head
Our kitchen keeps the whole world feed
Just like the good book says, that’s what life’s about
So the door is always open at our house”

Brian D. McArdle and Luke Liddy