Brian McArdle: Under The Radar
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Brian McArdle & Wry Toast: Music

Long As I Got You

(David Langley covering a Brian McArdle song)
This song was cut by by David Langley. David has shared the stage with acts such as George Strait, Keith Urban, Randy Travis, The Charlie Daniels Band and Dwight Yoakam . David performs regularly at The Buck Owens Crystal Palace. The CD with "Long As I Got You" inlcludes a duet with Buck Owens. (A privilege shared with folks like Ringo Starr and Brad Paisley.) You can check out more tunes on the David Langley CD by going to
Sometimes it’s hard enough just getting out of bed
From a night time with the devil dancing in my head
It’s hard to solve life’s mysteries when you haven’t got a clue
It doesn’t really matter as long as I’ve got you

Long as I’ve got you the sun will always shine
If I’ve got you this life will be so fine
When the day is dark and there’s no light shining through
It doesn’t really matter long as I’ve got you

You’re the one who taught me love could last
And you helped me put some distance from my troubles in the past
There’s no mountain I can’t climb or fire I can’t go through
Anything is possible as long as I’ve got you


Your love is like a burst of sunshine
It cuts the darkness and lights my way
As time does its dance upon my lifeline
I feel love growing stronger every day, that’s why I say

That it’s down the road and just around the bend
Destination happiness, this love will never end
I can’t believe what I have found I can’t believe it’s true
But anything is possible as long as I’ve got you


Brian D. McArdle