Brian McArdle: Under The Radar
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Brian McArdle & Wry Toast: Music

You've Come To My Senses

(Brian McArdle)
It’s funny how I never noticed, the color of your eyes
The moonlight shining on your hair just took me by surprise
Like stars I never saw before though plainly in my sight
You’ve come to my senses tonight

The sound of magic in your voice, the scent of your perfume
It gives me chills to see you now, you light up every room
I must have been a blind man to miss that angel smile
You’ve come to my senses tonight

You’ve come to my senses like a warm southwestern wind
Now I just want to touch your face and rest against your skin

Since I’ve had this change of feeling, the way I look at you
There’s so much more I’d like to know and more I’d like to do
Is there a chance for you and I to take that lovers flight
You’ve come to my senses tonight

Brian McArdle & Luke Liddy