Brian McArdle: Under The Radar
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Brian McArdle & Still Kickin' and Wry Toast: Music

Under The Radar CD Tracks

Steady As She Goes

Heartbeat Away

Light in the Window

Just In Case

Slow Ride

(Cameron, Brian, Barry, Kevin, Nanette and Kate McArdle)

She's Gone To Arizona

Dance With Me Tonight

Sun Goes Down Over Dixie

You've Come To My Senses

Carved in Stone

Other Recordings By Wry Toast Members

I've Been Down This Road

Kate McArdle Tracks

Yesterday's Heroes

Simple Man

(Kate McArdle)
November 17, 2009
Kate sings the sweet Graham Nash (of Crosby, Still & Nash fame) song with harmony vocals handled by Nanette and Brian.

Angel From Montgomery (Cover)

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow - Cover

(Kate McArdle)
A Carol King classic as interpreted by Kate. A sweet, acoustic version of the tune.

Love Me Like A Man - (Cover)

(Kate McArdle)
This is an old Bonnie Raitt chestnut. Kate shows off her blues chops on this tune. A crowd favorite for sure.

It's A Small World - (Cover)

(Kate and Cameron McArdle - The Early Years)

Not Too Young

(Cameron McArdle)
I had a cassette tape rolling when 2 year Cameron showed her Dad who was running the show.

McArdle Brothers Tracks

Why You Wanna Leave Me Alone Tonight?

Brian McArdle Songs Cut By Other Artists

The Door Was Always Open

(Shaza Leigh covering a Brian McArdle and Luke Liddy song)

Long As I Got You

(David Langley covering a Brian McArdle song)

Kissin' Distance

(Craig Byrne covering a Brian McArdle/Donna Moody song)

One More Reason Why

(Cathy B records a Brian McArdle/Nanette Beatty-McArdle song)
Cathy B cut and released this song on an EP in 1995 on Castle Records out of Nashville, TN.

Heartbeat Away

(Thompson and Trent covering a Brian McArdle/Donna Moody Song)

Dance With Me Tonight

(Stan J. Hunt covering a Brian McArdle Song)
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