Brian McArdle: Under The Radar
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Brian McArdle & Wry Toast: Music

Cowboy Cadillac

(Jimmy Walker's version of a Brian McArdle/Donna Moody song)
Jimmy Walker released this song on his `"All Time Low'" CD in 1997 on Trac Records.

God's Hands

(Ted Synder records a Brian McArdle/Luke Liddy song.)

Sun Goes Down Over Dixie

(Lynn Guyo records a Brian McArdle/Gary Georgett Song)
Lynn Guyo released this song as a single on Interstate Records in 1996.

How Love Can Go

(Rich Green records a Brian McArdle/Luke Liddy song)

If It Ain't Love By Now

(McArdle Brothers and Tom Woodard record Brian McArdle/Kevin McArdle & Gary Georgett Song)
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