Brian McArdle: Under The Radar
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Brian McArdle & Wry Toast: Photos

Boydfest - Walt and Tom - The Dynamic Duo
Boydfest - Kate and Nanette - More Dynamic Duo
Boydfest - Gary - With the Blue Fiddle given to him by Barcus Berry
Boydfest - Kate
Boydfest - Birt
Kate McArdle - Vocalist - (Last known photograph before entering the Witness Protection Program.)
Brian McArdle - vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica, notary public and shoes shined while you wait.
Brian w/Lone Ranger guitar. (Where the hell is Tonto when you need him?)
Cameron McArdle - Tour Manager - Can speak at speeds of 500 words per minute, with gusts of up to 700 wpm.
Cameron scouting out Prague for Wry Toast
Gary Oleyar - Fiddle, Guitar, Slide Guitar, Banjo, Vocals and Jim Messina's go to guy sideman for Loggins and Messina.
Nanette Beatty-McArdle - High harmony maven and queen bee. "Brian couldn’t be in more hot water if his name was Lipton."
Tom Delaney - electric guitar, vocals, mandolin & pedal steel guitar.  - "If somebody screams Freebird one more time, they'll be holding this guitar without using their hands."
Birt McKenzie - Drums and vocals. Photo taken at his audition for the Muppets. Unfortunately, Birt lost out to Animal. You can't win em' all.
Walt Super - bass and vocals.  Also, third cousin, twice removed, from the Frito Bandito.
Wry Toast - (Courtesy of Kelly)

Under The Radar CD

Under The Radar Cover
Under The Radar Back Cover

Gold Dust Days - 1970's

Gold Dust - Ray Sikora, Brian, John DeLuca, Bob Aquino & Robbie Venturini (Photo - Rob Venturini Archives)
Gold Dust 2 - John DeLuca, Bob Aquino, Al Venturini, Ray Sikora and Brian (Photo - Robbie Venturini Archives)
Gold Dust - John DeLuca, Bob Aquino, Brian, Robbie Venturini & Ray Sikora (Photo - Robbie Venturini Archives)
Ray Sikora and John DeLuca - Tree Huggers - (Photo - Robbie Venturini Archives)
Brian - Stage Fright (Photo - Robbie Venturini Archives)
Ray Sikora at the pedal steel (Photo - Robbie Venturini Archives)
Gold Dust - Bob Aquino, Ray Sikora, Brian, Robbie Venturini and John DeLuca - (Photo - Robbie Venturini Archives)
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