Brian McArdle: Under The Radar
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Brian McArdle & Wry Toast: Photos

Ray "The Boss" Sikora and "Stage Fright" Brian (Photo - Robbie Venturini Archives)
Gold Dust at Farleigh Dickenson - Rob Venturini, John DeLuca, Bob Aquino, Ray Sikora and Brian. If you have seen any of these desperados, tell them to come see Wry Toast.
Gold Dust at the Final Exam - Country-Rock Night
Gold Dust opening for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame punk rocker Patti Smith - Big mismatch, we left after she started playing "Gloria" and spit on the crowd.
Brian and buddy Ray Sikora back in the Gold Dust Days.
Brian - Back in the days of old, complete with a twinkle in his eye.
Bernie's Wall of Shame - Gold Dust Band back in the day. Who is that lad in the upper left hand side of the photo?  Courtesy of the Mark Sikora Archives.

Friends, Family and Fans

Catholic school kids gone wild - Jim, Brian, Carol, Charlie, Marie and Mary Jane (Not pictured here, bad boy Gerry Hackett) - Photo courtesy of Jim Dennison
Noel and Kate singing "Fly Me To The Moon"
Kristen - #1 Wry Toast Fan
Kate at her new home in New Hampshire (with hoodie lifted from her sister Cam)
Wry Toast Fans don't let a little rain spoil the show.
Cameron and Tom in Scotland
Hot Night at Bernie's Hillside, Dennis, Bob and Shane listen to a few tunes.
Notorious Long Valley/Hopatcong Hole in the Wall Gang - That's Billy the Kid Cregar on the far left.
Carol Garvey - Friend from the old Rockaway neighborhood.
Long Valley Mountain Men, Ryan and Shane - These boys bring foot stompin' to a new level.
Wayne Post and Nanette singing a song at the wedding of Nanette's brother Michael.
Kristen and Scott - Randolph pals and two of our favorite people.
McArdle Clan - Folks always ask how many in the family. Here is the last shot of the whole family together for a picure. Our goal? World domination. After the 5th child, the teachers at our school were chipping in to get Dad a vasectomy.
Michel Beliveau - Guitarist, low-harmony expert and co-founder of Hard Luck.
Gary "The Varmint" Gamble - Master of the Power Harmony, nice lad from Tennessee.
Cam - "Hot damn, I'm going to see Wry Toast!"
Kate - "Before you leave the site, sign the guest book, you'll feel better."
Frank S. Beatty - Yesterday's Hero WWII - Bronze Star Winner. Check out Frank's song, "Yesterday's Heroes" as sung by Kate on the Music Section of the site.
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