The seven-piece Wry Toast Band got things started at the Knowlton Riverfest at 1 p.m. Saturday with a down-home jangle and knee-bending, foot-stomping rockabilly. Female vocalists Kate Mc-Ardle and Nanette Beatty-McArdle sang about Dixie at center stage, keeping the energy high. An appreciative audience prompted the band to play encores.” - By TOM HOWELL JR.

New Jersey Herald

What a great listening experience. From the opening emotional "Steady As She Goes" to the haunting final track "Carved In Stone," this album won't let you down. Brian's vocals are sensitive and compelling and have the same sweet smoothness that Vince Gill possesses. Brian's gift for intelligent lyrics, great vocals and solid songwriting meld the perfect balance of country roots music to contemporary country pop. "Slow Ride" is a personal favorite and a great example of Brian and his family singing together. "Heartbeat Away," "Light In The Window," and "She's Gone To Arizona" are destined to be hit singles. Great stuff.” - Shelley Kusnetz

CD Baby

I’ve enjoyed listening to your great music and beautiful songs and I will give your disc regular airplay because you’re damn good.” - Raymond Swennen - DJ

— Radio FM Goud - Belgium

One of your songs was tested to our own chart and you went to place # 9 on the chart the first week.” - Lars Lindberg - DJ

— Radio Siljan - Sweden

Plays guitar & sings radio-ready country with gorgeous harmonies from wife Nanette, co-writer Luke Liddy & bass player Walt Super” - Ralph Litwin - TV Host

Horses Sing None of It - Cable TV Show