1. Heartbeat Away


When I open up my eyes, you come into view
Face on the pillow next to mine, sleepy déjà vu
Live in living color, you wake and smile at me
And I think how lucky can one man be
My sweet dream is now reality … I reach out

Love is just a heartbeat away
I can feel us growing closer darling
Day after day
When we touch I know you’re mine
And you’re here to stay
Love is just a heartbeat away

I was yours before we met, then fate played its hand
Now we’re together you and me, like the sea and sand
I can’t deny this feeling, this pounding in my chest
It’s only in your arms I come to rest
I thank the Lord each day I feel so blessed … I reach out


Love’s a leap of faith you take inside
So hold on tight, breath in deep
Our hearts will be our guide


Brian McArdle & Donna Moody