The only time she would see my face was in pictures on the wall
She got tired of waiting up for my “don’t wait up” phone calls
Those late night talks to Tucson, with an old friend on the line
She had teardrops on her pillow and the desert on her mind

Now I’ve gone to pieces and she’s gone to Arizona
I left her cold and she needed something warmer
I never knew how much she meant to me
Now I’d give anything to hold her
‘Cause I’ve gone to pieces and she’s gone to Arizona

It’s a thousand miles from where I am to the Arizona sun
I’d walk every step if I could change the things I’ve done
And if she’s gone forever, well I guess I’ll understand
But I am barely hanging on, praying for a second chance


Is she alone tonight like I am again
Does she ever think about me
Every now and then


Brian McArdle & Luke Liddy