The forest was on fire as the fighting had begun
We were waiting for the morning and a place out in the sun
The captain said now is the time to settle up the score
We may have won the battle, I’m not sure about the war

When the sun goes down over Dixie
And the Yankees cross that Mason-Dixon line
May the colors never fade
In this rebel flag we wave
But God I think we’re running out of time

The cannons roared like thunder at the sound of the attack
Some boys caught a bullet and lay buried in their tracks
Soldiers fell but I just kept on marching come what may
Tonight I’ll cheat the devil but they’ll sure be hell to pay


Those who make it through this fight
May live just to regret
Cause this battle won’t determine
Who is right just who is left
Still history’s being made
With blood on every page
We’ll be glory bound today


Brian McArdle & Gary Georgett