Yesterday's Heroes is a song tribute to Kate's grandfather, (and Nanette's Dad) Frank Beatty. Frank was awarded the Bronze Star for his participation in the Battle of the Bulge in World War II. It only took the army 60 years to get around to actually giving Frank the medal. As they say, better late than never.


My Grandfather was my hero
When I was a girl of ten
June bugs would fly round the front porch light
While he’d tell me stories of way back when
Speaking softly in the sweet night air
He’d act like we had all day
Those summer nights still linger in my memory
As I would hang on every word he’d say

Yesterday’s heroes have vanished like a ghost at dawn
Still in our memories they will stay
Where they play on and on like a sweet old love song
We won’t forget our hero’s of yesterday

Grandpa talked about the big war
He’d enlisted with his friend
Acting older than their eighteen years
Vowed to fight for freedom till the end
A shell landed in their foxhole
Eight young soldiers hit the ground
Grandpa’s friend jumped on that shell not hesitating
Seven lived cause he laid his life down


Half verse
Then my Grandpa got real quiet
And I heard him wonder why
Only the truly good die young
As a single tear fell from his eye


Brian McArdle, Kevin McArdle & Donna Moody